Legal Issues in Judea & Samaria


The region of Judea and Samaria is considered by international law as territory subject to belligerent occupation. In accordance with the restrictions of international law, the legislation which applies is the same as that implemented before the IDF's entry, subject to specific changes deemed neccesary, by the Military Commander of the region, for maintaining the safety and security of the area and its inhabitants. The laws applied in the region includes Ottoman law, British mandatory amendments, Jordanian law and Military promulgations. Diverse legal amendments were made under the framework of security legislation, according to security and civilian needs. In addition public international law, partial Israeli law (by means of applying extra territorial provisions) and also indirectly Israeli administrative law are also applied in the territory.


A diverse array of legal matters arise as a result of administering the region, ranging from military to civilian aspects which are handled by the civilian administrator. Some of the legal subjects arising in Judea and Samaria include the route of the Security Barrier; Land  and construction issues; Legal issues pertaining to security measures. In many case, these issues are also brought before Israel's High Court of Justice.  Hereinafter you will be able to read selected documents relating to various legal issues in Judea and Samaria, and those pertaining to the deliberations conducted in the region's military court system.

Trial procedure in Judea and Samaria

Central Legal Issues